Electric Lawn Mowers

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The list below details ALL Einhell branded machines in this particular category and includes products from our Blue, Red, Home and Expert ranges amongst others. A full list of Einhell brands can be found below.
Einhell branded machines include: Bavaria, Blue, Classic, Ergo, Expert, Global, Herkules, Home, Limited Edition, New Generation, Red, Royal and Pro Work.
If you have any queries or need help finding a part, please contact our Customer Service Team using the information detailed below.
United Kingdom
Email: info@einhell.co.uk  
Telephone: 0151 649 1500
Republic of Ireland
Email: info@einhell.co.uk 
Telephone: 1890 946 244
BG-EM 1030 BG-EM 1336 BG-EM 1437 BG-EM 1643
EM 831 EM 1000 EM 1200 EM 1501
EM 1600 Z EM 1650 GC-EM 1030 GC-EM 1536
GE-EM 1233 GE-EM 1536 HW RG-EM 1233 RG-EM 1536 HW
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