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Florabest is the registered trade mark of Lidl Stiftung & Co KG. The list below details ALL Florabest machines made under licence by Einhell UK.
NB. Florabest machines are also produced by other manufacturers. If you cannot find your model in the list below, please refer to the user guide that came with your product which should include the contact telephone number for warranties.
Alternatively you can visit the customer service page of the Lidl website by clicking Lidl UK or Lidl Republic of Ireland or contact Lidl direct using the information detailed below. 
United Kingdom
Email: customer.services@lidl.co.uk
Telephone: 0370 444 1234
Republic of Ireland
Email: customer.service@lidl.ie
Telephone: 1800 347 447
FBLB 33 A1 FBS 43 A1 FGP 1000 FGPA 1000 A1
L 446 S

Difficulty identifying your machine? CLICK HERE