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KWB Floor Installation Kit x 4pcs
KWB Floor Installation Kit x 4pcs
£35.80 (inc VAT)

Universal use for wood and repair work.

Fits the Einhell Multi Tool; the Einhell MultiMaxx; the Fein Multimaster and the Bosch All Rounder Kit & Many More!

Quality Rating «««« High Quality

The high value-for money KWB quality, suitable for trade use.

  • 87 mm semi-circular HSS saw
  • 22 x 48 mm metal saw blade BIM
  • 28 x 48 mm wood saw blade CRV
  • 26 x 52 mm scraper

E.g. clean cutting of parquet, laminate or sound-absorbing slabs, exact, flush trimming of door frames for parquet installation, trimming of aluminium connector bars, flushed cutting-off of protruding nails from wood or copper pipe from the wall. Smooth plunge-cutting into kitchen countertops for air grilles, in cabinets or gypsum boards for access to power outlets. Effortless cutting into glass fibre for boat building or into plastic elements.

Removal of old putty in window frames without any problems. Easy cut-outs in thin metal sheets and non-ferrous metals.

Removal of residual tile adhesive for touch-up work, concrete or mortar

Fits: BT-MG 180, BT-MG 180/1, BT-MG 10.8 Li, BT-MG 220 E, RT-MG 10.8 Li, RT-MG 10.8 Li/1, RT-MG 200 E, TC-MG 220 E, TE-MG 200 CE


Part No. 017088-00